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Non-Coachella recs
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Stopping here for now, but if anyone has genre requests for recs I'll do my best.

music recs

Jan. 4th, 2017 09:44 pm
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Coachella lineup 2017 recs
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I made a thing! Thanks to [personal profile] monkey_pie for listening to it & assuring me that it did indeed work ♥

fucked up to broken up to back together in 11 songs

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt by We Are Scientists
Oh My God by Ida Maria
What I Say and What I Mean by The Like
Living Cruel & Rude by Races
No Oath, No Spell by Murder by Death
Hail, Lightning by Mount Moriah
When Winter's Over by Torres
Get Lonely by the Mountain Goats
Faraway Lightning by Moonface with Siinai
You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son by Wolf Parade
You Are the Moon by The Hush Sound

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Instead of making a real post I'm going to do the first lines meme. Some of these songs are covers or have many cover versions; you get extra points for guessing the correct version ;)

1. I've just had the craziest week / Like a party bag of lies, booze, and then deceit
2. I'm everyone, I feel used / I'm everyone, I need you
3. You don't answer my call with even a nod or a wink / But you gaze at your own reflection, alright
4. Walk tall beneath these trees, boy / You monolith, not scarred by fallout
5. Ooh, it's so good, it's so good / It's so good, it's so good, it's so good
6. As I was going over the Cork and Kerry mountains / I saw Captain Farrell and his money he was counting Whiskey in a Jar, guessed by [personal profile] coyotegestalt
7. My first love, he went away Hell's Heroes by Empires, guessed by [personal profile] alpheratz
8. Skating by the blue line, that's when I saw your green light / So I took my windup for [song title]
9. I knew I was never gonna talk to you tomorrow / And oh the birds, how they sing
10. Tell me, baby, tell me / Are you still on a stoop, watching the windows close?
11. You've been followed / And now there's nothing to say for yourself
12. I walked across an empty land Somewhere Only We Know by Keane, guessed by [ profile] tanisafan
13. And I found a flower in a field / A field of cars and people
14. I can show you the world A Whole New World from Aladdin, guessed by [personal profile] coyotegestalt on DW and [ profile] tanisafan on LJ.
15. There was a time our happiness seemed never-ending / I was so sure that where we were heading was right
16. It was pretty bright upon the rainbow bridge tonight / I could see into your window
17. Please don't let the mystery end / So I won't be forgotten
18. I sit and think about the day you're gonna die / Your wrinkled eyes betray the joy with which you smile
19. I have such envy for this stranger lying next to me / Who awakes in the night
20. Up, up and away she goes / Now I know that I know she knows
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Last night I went to see Dessa and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I need to seek out more rap/hip-hop/R&B shows; in my limited experience they have an energy & showmanship that you don't get from most rock shows. (My limited experience: Black Cards, Patrick Stump, Bad Rabbits, Gym Class Heroes.)

In a weird fandom-is-everywhere twist, Dessa is a member of the hip hop collective Doomtree, which I had never heard of before reading RAP WON'T SAVE YOU (neither will hockey) by best liar a month or so ago. I know almost nothing about Zach Parise but I liked the story, in which he does not play hockey but is an indie rapper.

some Dessa songs )

One of the openers was playing their second-ever show and were both earnest and adorable. They don't have any music up yet and no one's posted video (I am very sad ;____;) but keep an ear out for Sylvan Esso. They reminded me of tUnE-yArDs a little. (ETA: Was poking around the internet, trying to find a track, and found someone who agrees with me about the tUnE-yArDs comparison! *fist pump of validation* They're just teasing about the SoundCloud tracks, though, there's nothing up yet.)
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We have schedules! The Penguins are kindly visiting the Hurricanes as a slightly belated birthday present to me.

Here is even more hockey-themed music, this time by The Zambonis. The first pair of tracks is off Play Off Fever (Amazon) and the second pair is from 100% Hockey...and other stuff (Amazon).

Lost My Teeth
Punkish. See that blood all over the ice, Stanley Cup was worth the price.
C.C.M. P.S.A. (The Helmet Song)
Because you wear a shinpad, so why stop there? / 'Cause if you wear a helmet, you can skate your next shift.

Away Game
Get on the train that takes me away, not gonna see you for a while. (Why?) / It's an away game / I'm coming home soon
Slapshot Love
Skating by the blue line / Is when I saw your green light / So I took my wind-up / For slapshot love / Slapshot love to my heart


Jan. 6th, 2013 05:30 pm
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They're finally coming to an agreement, yay! In honor of that, have some Ramones-flavored hockey music by Canadian punk band The Hanson Brothers.

All of these songs are off their second album, Sudden Death, which you can buy through iTunes (remixed and remastered?) or Amazon
The Hockey Song
Stick Boy
Third Man In
Rink Rat
He Looked Alot Like Tiger Williams
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My first ever BP was the weekend before last! I met tons of awesome people, ate (and ate, and ate) delicious food, shook my fist at the weather, and was possibly persuaded back into bandom by the overpowering glee of MCR. Then I came back and fell into my typical post-con funk, but! I think I'm mostly over it now. Apparently the trick is shoving as many activities as possible into the week after I get back.

(Also, a coworker has lent me her Due South DVDs! I plan to watch the pilot tonight. I will finally understand you, C6D!)

My family's puppy is growing up fast, as they do. Here, have some pictures.

puppy! )

He is very bitey, and he isn't even teething yet. He passes the blanket test, though, and is generally too smart for his own good. Also he is named Gibson, because my father is a music dork.

I'm going to try to start reccing music we get at the station, and I'm starting tonight with Kishi Bashi. His debut album, 151a, releases tomorrow, and you can snag it at for $8.

Kishi Bashi )

Finally, here's my week in the life picture for today! It's not particularly exciting, as I forgot to take pictures at all for the purposes of the meme. I took this one because pretty much all I did today after 1PM was sort Magic: the Gathering cards. This is somewhere between 3 and 7 thousand Magic cards, sorted by set.

so. many. cards. )

and that's the end of today's giant catch-up entry!
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It's leaked! This is not the original leak from Strikegently and the Panic LJ, because that copy contains a slur inserted by some random. I shaved it out of this copy, so it's missing a few seconds of Brendon holding a note around 2:55. If you want the original leak I can send it to you.

Verdict: I love this, and can't wait for the album. It's extremely dancy, which was predictable from the clip, and more power pop (although I hate that term) than rock and will be stuck in my head for days, I'm sure. The strings and bells in the intro and verses are a nice counterpoint to the driving chorus and sinister nature of the song. I think that Brendon's voice is well-suited to that aspect of it, too. (A good example of this is on "assess the sins she's paid for," and again on the last line of the song.) And is that anguished moaning I hear in the background at the end? The song's so layered it's hard to hear some of the individual pieces.

I take it back about the strings--I think they're very tip-toey. Ominous tip-toeing. The bells are still counterpoint, they sound like a music box to me, so lost innocence? There's this quiet urgency to the verses, with a quick and steady bass drum, which drops away after the build to the chorus.

The lyrics aren't gonna win a Nobel Prize or anything, but I think they're comparable to Fever-era Ryan Ross. I am a little worried that they're emulating Ross here, consciously or not, because of the whole heavy drinking, life of sin, selling sex thing. Here they are, for reference: )

This is like ominous cabaret stuff, but still completely different to Fever (for me) and the bottom line is that I love it and I'm thrilled that they've come out with something this nuanced and complex after TYV released Take a Vacation! and Jon Walker did his solo songs, because, much as I love those guys, they said some pretty shitty, mean things about Spencer & Brendon's songwriting abilities and this single, and hopefully the album, is proving them so very wrong.
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Here're some rips of Patrick singing at his old high school. Check out icecreamhdaches for some awesome video, or just search YouTube with 'Patrick Stump GBS.'

I merged two clips to get a full version of Stand By Me, and, well, you can definitely tell. The audio on Cupid's Chokehold is pretty bad, too.

Beat It
Cupid's Chokehold
Let's Get It On
Stand By Me

(I'd check out this entry, too, it has some great new canon.)
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Ryan Ross was on Mark Ronson's East Village Radio show tonight with Alex Greenwald, and there was a short pseudo-interview and they played Change and another new song called The Other Girl. I think I'm really going to love this album <3<3<3

Interview (with both songs)
The Other Girl
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Someone ([ profile] naotalba) posted a link to what's probably the acoustic one-take of growing up on cfobmania. I don't have confirmation from them that it's for-sure the version distributed by freshonlybakery, but it's acoustic and it's growing up, so. They said Pete directed them to it (at the video shoot?).

here ya'll are. I was able to right click and save.

[ profile] icecreamhdaches has the akon cover uploaded, as well.


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