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[ profile] 14valentines is a project started by [ profile] rageprufrock several years ago to bring attention to women's issues through fandom and Livejournal. I've always really liked the project. I thought I'd be able to participate more this year, but severely underestimated how much time moving to another country would take up.

Today's theme is Arts and Entertainment. There's plenty of meta out there about the portrayal of women in bandom, and even fandom in general, and I think others have been more articulate than I can be right now. But I will say that the sheer hatred I've seen addressed toward the wives and girlfriends of band members, and the way women in and surrounding the bands are ignored or turned into stereotypes, is sickening. It's not unique to bandom, but "she's not good enough for him" &c is that much more shocking to me when it's real people.

Anyway! I think that women are, have been, and will continue to be awesome musicians and artists, and today is a great day to celebrate that.

Here is a picture! It's on 22 by 30" Stonehenge paper, done in Prismacolor pencils and blended with their marker blender. It's part of an unfinished diptych dealing with fannishness/obsession in music, and how being at a concert can sometimes be like being part of a cult. It's heavily inspired by a Cobra Starship show I went to in November and references pictures I took there. There's some discoloration due to glare, especially in the lower right corner.

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I hadn't heard anything by Sing It Loud or Hit the Lights prior to the show, and had heard one Forever The Sickest Kids song in a Hot Topic. Add to that the intensity of the pit and all those sets were kind of a blur. The Sing It Loud guys were very energetic--actually, all of them were very energetic. I'm going to try to check them out.

This was my first pit experience, and wow. That shit gets crazy. There must have been a lot of people there for the openers, though, because it got a lot calmer before Cobra. It was calmer--in a sane way, not in a no-one-is-having-fun way--even during their set. I started the evening in the fourth row and got pushed back a little, but was in the third row for the Cobras.

They were amazing. Gabe was hilarious/sexy, Vicky-T was super sexy, and Ryland was awesome. Apparently the singer for SIL used to be their merch guy. He came out to sing Beckett's part on Snakes On A Plane. They shortened some songs and the set list, and didn't do an encore, so I hope Gabe's doing ok and not overworking his voice.

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