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Here's the deal: I hate the so-called official lyrics on FOE. They're clearly inaccurate in places, and, as someone who pays attention to lyrics, it really bothers me that they're being presented as the Gods-honest truth.

When my roommate, who is not a Fall Out Boy fan, or even really a fan of newer mainstream bands at all, told me that she had bought FAD after hearing it and liking it before the semester ended, I wanted her to have a lyrics booklet which I approved. Egotistical, I know. I made her a (pretty sweet, if I say so myself) version that combined the FOE lyrics, where I thought they were accurate, with my own interpretation, both when they were obviously wrong (e.g., the ____ in w.a.m.s) and when I thought my version was more correct.

Now, I can't promise these are 100% perfect. But they're sure as hell better than the FOE version, even if that's the one that enjoys official status.

Fair warning: my choices of where to break lines and of punctuation at the ends of lines are largely arbitrary and follow no set rules.

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[ profile] tipsofpencils and [ profile] suiteheart helped when I was originally figuring out the lyrics to Headfirst Slide, and [ profile] alternatending helped with Pavlove.

EDIT: changed all the "son"s in West Coast Smoker to "sun" based off of this twitter exchange:
@ztnewetep question: what does the line "knock once for the father,twice for the son,three times for the holy ghost" means? (link)
@DiyanaRazinah its "the sun". i dunno sometimes when you overmedicate you find some closeness to something bigger than you...(link)
@DiyanaRazinah ..but the truth is the closeness is false. its faux pa(u)s(e)e. its time to hit the reset button and start the gameover.edit (link)


Dec. 11th, 2008 10:32 pm
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I've got most of the lyrics for Pavlove figured out.

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Please don't distribute anywhere else without credit, and don't submit to lyrics sites. Thanks!
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Fall Out Boy released another song from Folie a Deux. As usual, Patrick is sometimes indecipherable.

My lyric guesses are behind the cut.

Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet )

This is the longest song title from the album, but damn is it long.

Please don't submit all or part of my work to any lyrics sites, or distribute it in general without credit (in this case, a link back to my journal). Thanks!

* Credit to [ profile] tipsofpencils
** Credit to [ profile] suiteheart

an old buzznet entry has the lines:
surfed brainwaves flick back and forth like old headlights,
sniffing model glue again.
a head like a steel trap.


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