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My first ever BP was the weekend before last! I met tons of awesome people, ate (and ate, and ate) delicious food, shook my fist at the weather, and was possibly persuaded back into bandom by the overpowering glee of MCR. Then I came back and fell into my typical post-con funk, but! I think I'm mostly over it now. Apparently the trick is shoving as many activities as possible into the week after I get back.

(Also, a coworker has lent me her Due South DVDs! I plan to watch the pilot tonight. I will finally understand you, C6D!)

My family's puppy is growing up fast, as they do. Here, have some pictures.

puppy! )

He is very bitey, and he isn't even teething yet. He passes the blanket test, though, and is generally too smart for his own good. Also he is named Gibson, because my father is a music dork.

I'm going to try to start reccing music we get at the station, and I'm starting tonight with Kishi Bashi. His debut album, 151a, releases tomorrow, and you can snag it at for $8.

Kishi Bashi )

Finally, here's my week in the life picture for today! It's not particularly exciting, as I forgot to take pictures at all for the purposes of the meme. I took this one because pretty much all I did today after 1PM was sort Magic: the Gathering cards. This is somewhere between 3 and 7 thousand Magic cards, sorted by set.

so. many. cards. )

and that's the end of today's giant catch-up entry!


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