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31 Days Day 3: Favorite Quote

I don't have a favorite quote, but this is one of my favorite poems:
Bogland by Seamus Heaney )

Snowflake Challenge Day 2: Promote 3 blogs/communities/tumblrs/&c

1. stuckinabucket. I follow this blog for all of my crazy nature needs. The facts you learn are so great that you'll find yourself showing your parents the blog and then freaking out a little when your dad posts the link on Facebook, because it is also a general fandom blog. (Nothing particularly porny though, I checked pretty thoroughly after aforementioned Facebook incident.)

2. Star Maker Machine. I go through phases of following music blogs, but this will always be one of my favorites. Every two weeks there's a new theme, and the bloggers pick a song based on the theme & write about it.

3. Draw this Dress. Two wonderful artists draw people based on photos of vintage/antique/historical dresses, and their drawings bring the dresses to life. You can generally see the reference image by clicking on their drawings. It doesn't update often, but the updates always make me smile.

Honorable mentions (both music blogs): Said the Gramophone & Cover Lay Down.

Snowflake Challenge Day 3: Rec 3 Fanworks
I'm kind of terrified of the backlog AO3 bookmarks I have, so I'm gonna go with vids for this one.
1. Cuckoo by fiveyearmission (Iron Man). This is a Tony Stark character study based on the first two Iron Man movies and it's amazing; I love how the fractured, jumpy cuts so perfectly reflect Tony's persona.

2. Boy with the Bubblegun by [ profile] bironic (The Hunger Games). This vid is what prompted me to finally watch the movie. I love the way [ profile] bironic contrasts life in the Districts with life in the Capitol, and sets up the theme of revolution.

3. Moves by sisabet (Teen Wolf). This is a character study of Stiles through season 2 and is basically perfect. "These things get louder" paired with the increasing violence and death in Stiles' life and that minor chord (at least I think it's a minor chord?)--it's everything I want out of a character vid.
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31 Days Meme Day 1 - Intro and a recent picture )

Snowflake Challenge Day 1
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Purest Element But It's So Volatile, a Ryan/Spencer story for BRBB. I struggled with this story a lot because the mix had so much packed into it, a lot of it painful, and I wasn't sure I could do it justice. I'm still not sure I did, honestly, but the story I wrote was out of my comfort zone and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Build A House Inside of You, a Derek/Stiles fanmix about two fucked-up people in a relationship that's failing because they refuse to deal with their own issues, their subsequent breakup, and their eventual reconciliation after some therapy and/or self-actualization. My 8tracks summary was more succinct. This was my first Teen Wolf mix and I worked on it for.fucking.ever.

sweaty sheets and an ocean view, art for TWHeatWave that's vaguely Derek/Stiles. This was the first drawing I completed in, gosh, at least a year, I think? So that was a pretty big deal. I also pushed myself more with the posing, the background, and the colors than I have in years.
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What is your comfort music? for [personal profile] siegeofangels

My comfort music varies a lot depending on the situation and what I've been listening to lately.

1. Bandom
My second summer home from college I clashed with my parents--especially my mother--constantly. I was working at a steakhouse and started going on drives instead of going home when I was cut for the night. I was just getting into bandom then. I'd go outside town limits, maybe 10 minutes away, and just drive around the backroads with my windows down and Panic and Fall Out Boy blaring. It sounds very teen angst now, but it's probably what got me through the summer with my relationship with my parents intact. Now, I listen to bandom when I need something to cheer me up. All of the wonderful fandom associations plus the generally upbeat music is great for my mood even if they lyrics are, uh, less happy.

2. Mount Moriah and Hiss Golden Messenger
Mount Moriah is a local, queer altcountry/folk band. I was just starting to recognize my bisexuality when I started listening to them (*cough* a recognition that definitely had nothing at all to do with the frontwoman *cough*), and hearing a Southern woman sing about queerness, and religion (because even though my immediate family isn't particularly religious, it's just part of life down here), and loving the South despite all its problems...well, it resonates with me pretty deeply. And, of course, the music is beautiful.

Hiss Golden Messenger is also local, although they're not originally from 'round here. The lyricist has a degree in folklore and their music is also a lot about navigating your relationship or lack thereof with God.

Both of them are great anytime music for me. I put it on and start to relax.

3. Sad music
I frequently deal with my difficult feelings by reading really sad fic and crying it out. It in no way addresses the root problems but it is cathartic :D? I listen to sad music for the same reason.

Favorite thing about working at the radio station? for [personal profile] cinco
I really like listening to music I wouldn't have otherwise, that I wouldn't even have known to look for. I've discovered some bands that are mainstays in my listening now that I hadn't ever heard of before I started at the station. I love feeling connected, not just to music in general, but to a specific music scene; to the rich history of music in the South, in North Carolina, and in the triangle of cities I live in. A couple weeks ago I went to an experimental noise show in a hipster DIY venue with DJ K because two of our fellow DJS were in the experimental noise jazz group that was opening. I never would have done that before I started at the station. My friendship with DJ K has been an awesome side effect of working at the station. She's my first and best friend in this city, I think.

I am getting more used to the idea that people--people I know, even, who aren't my parents!--listen to me. I've become more confident with my song choices and gauging where a song I've never listened to could fit in my set.

Basically, I like it a lot!

I have plenty of days left here, though I can't promise I'll answer them in a timely manner.
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This is hard! I don't know how defined my personal style is; I often wish I had more of a "look." I love big stompy boots and aggressive jewelry--bring on the spikes!--but I also love full skirts and dresses and floral prints. The current trend of juxtaposing those elements has been good to me.

I have a ton of t-shirts, mostly band-related, and tend to wear a t-shirt and jeans to work most days. I'm not a huge fan of shorts, because they're almost always either shorter than I'm comfortable wearing or sort of frumpy. I compromise with a few pairs of long shorts--whatever you call the ones that go to the knee--and lots of skirts. I would wear jeans all year but can't deal with them if the temperature is above 85.

In the winter I wear tons of sweaters, especially cardigans, especially the long swingy sort with no buttons. I used to think they were silly but I've become a convert.

I wear mostly dark colors; I would guess that a full three quarters of my wardrobe is some shade of blue. I love shoes and, if my job was different, would probably wear heels to work at least twice a week. I prefer heels that are at least 2 inches, even though they aren't the most comfortable. I like brightly-colored tights. I like tights in general, because I hate shaving but don't like the way my leg hair looks.

I have a serious dress problem. If I could I would wear dresses every day.

I like bracelets and necklaces and rings but I fiddle with them too much and take them off and leave them in strange places, so I mostly limit my jewelry to earrings. I've gotten a little better about wearing necklaces and have two from Fable and Fury that I like a lot and wear semi-frequently.
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I think Disney released some of their best films between the time I was born and when I turned 10. I had a cassette soundtrack and singalong book for The Lion King and I listened to it on my Walkman whenever we went to Pennsylvania to visit my grandparents. The animation used on the establishing shots is iconic. It's been years (probably more like a decade, actually) since I've re-watched it, but I can picture the opening sequence with remarkable clarity.

I was partial to the animal movies: Lady and the Tramp (we had a cocker spaniel, so I really loved that one), Fox and the Hound, Rescuers Down Under, Robin Hood, The Lion King, Oliver and Company. I loved the (non-Disney) American Tail movies. I was absolutely obsessed with (again, non-Disney) The Last Unicorn. I think I must have rented it almost every time we went to the video store for at least a year.

When I was younger I think Beauty and the Beast was my favorite of the so-called "princess" movies; it's certainly one of my favorite tropes now, but it's hard to say if that's because of Disney or Robin McKinley.

We had Fantasia on tape. I think my parents had to turn it off before the last sequence because that's the only one I don't remember very well, and my memories are mostly of how much it freaked me out. I loved the pegasi and the ballet section the most.


Dec. 1st, 2013 12:15 pm
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Seen everywhere, happened to steal from [personal profile] cinco.

Pick a date below and give me a topic and I'll ramble on. I'm good at talking. It can be anything from fandom-related to life-related to pizza preferences to whatever you want.

They will probably be brief, or not, depending on the subject.

Also, I reserve the right to decline prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet.

Topics: you can get an idea from my tags/from the stuff I usually ramble about/from things you maybe wish I talked about more but don't. Please feel free to ask me about music, media, whatever, and please ask multiple questions!

December 01 -
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December 05 - Things you love and/or hate when seeing live music. [personal profile] likeadeuce
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December 31- A fictional moment that will forever stick with you, either for good or for bad [personal profile] sansets
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Meme from [personal profile] likeadeuce!

You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in comments. (examples: "Five Dates Roy Mustang Regretted Going On," or "Five Fannish Gatherings that Sally Draper Attended"). I'll answer with a list of five things.

My eligible fandoms are Teen Wolf; Bandom; Harry Potter; any book by Robin McKinley; most books by Tamora Pierce; Howl's Moving Castle, Dark Lord of Derkholm, and Year of the Griffin by Diana Wynne Jones; and the Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner. If you think there's another fandom I'm in/have been in that I've forgotten, feel free to ask about it!
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Instead of making a real post I'm going to do the first lines meme. Some of these songs are covers or have many cover versions; you get extra points for guessing the correct version ;)

1. I've just had the craziest week / Like a party bag of lies, booze, and then deceit
2. I'm everyone, I feel used / I'm everyone, I need you
3. You don't answer my call with even a nod or a wink / But you gaze at your own reflection, alright
4. Walk tall beneath these trees, boy / You monolith, not scarred by fallout
5. Ooh, it's so good, it's so good / It's so good, it's so good, it's so good
6. As I was going over the Cork and Kerry mountains / I saw Captain Farrell and his money he was counting Whiskey in a Jar, guessed by [personal profile] coyotegestalt
7. My first love, he went away Hell's Heroes by Empires, guessed by [personal profile] alpheratz
8. Skating by the blue line, that's when I saw your green light / So I took my windup for [song title]
9. I knew I was never gonna talk to you tomorrow / And oh the birds, how they sing
10. Tell me, baby, tell me / Are you still on a stoop, watching the windows close?
11. You've been followed / And now there's nothing to say for yourself
12. I walked across an empty land Somewhere Only We Know by Keane, guessed by [ profile] tanisafan
13. And I found a flower in a field / A field of cars and people
14. I can show you the world A Whole New World from Aladdin, guessed by [personal profile] coyotegestalt on DW and [ profile] tanisafan on LJ.
15. There was a time our happiness seemed never-ending / I was so sure that where we were heading was right
16. It was pretty bright upon the rainbow bridge tonight / I could see into your window
17. Please don't let the mystery end / So I won't be forgotten
18. I sit and think about the day you're gonna die / Your wrinkled eyes betray the joy with which you smile
19. I have such envy for this stranger lying next to me / Who awakes in the night
20. Up, up and away she goes / Now I know that I know she knows
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Regional dialect meme via [personal profile] zeenell

meme )


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