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1. I didn't post at all last month, but it was a pretty good month. I went to a couple shows, saw my parents a few times, and made great progress in hanging out with a new group of people, hereafter known as trivia!friends. I also saw some of my friends from the town where I attended college a few times. They're only 30 minutes away, but our schedules never seem to line up. We've all vowed to work on that.

Other events of note: snow (so much snow /o\), Book of Mormon, my birthday.

2. March started AMAZINGLY with a trip up north for [personal profile] cinco and [personal profile] siegeofangels' housewarming party. ♥♥♥ And then [profile] maralenenok made delicious blini for Maslenitsa, and I had caviar for the first time.

3. I did a lot of Wikipedia research on Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, and Lent in general on Tuesday for trivia purposes and decided to try giving something up for Lent. I settled on fancy coffee & chocolate drinks (to save money) and complaining (to make me happier). I resisted the urge to get a fancy coffee last night; we'll see if my willpower holds.

4. Last night was the live Welcome to Night Vale taping. No Children was playing on the PA when we came in, some nice foreshadowing for JOHN DARNIELLE walking onto stage not even halfway through the show. Judging by the reactions of the rest of the audience, there was one other person who cared about both WTNV and the Mountain Goats in the room. (I would generally excuse this as not knowing what J.D. looks like, but if you're a Mountain Goats fan, live in NC, and are a person who attends live performances, you have almost certainly seen him before.)

He was on stage for maybe 3 or 4 minutes, introduced as a bluegrass musician, implied to have done illegal things in the past, and played a metal "bluegrass lesson." I caught part of it on tape and you can listen here.

5. I already recommended this on Twitter, but I am starry-eyed in love with the story and must rec it EVERYWHERE.

To Find Our Long Forgotten Gold (222953 words) by Wealhtheow21
Chapters: 38/?
Fandom: The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Hobbit (Jackson movies), The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Summary: AU of movieverse. It is many years since tragedy struck the line of Durin when the youngest heir was lost to a pack of orcs. Now Bilbo Baggins, having agreed only to stealing treasure from a dragon, finds himself instead tangled up in a web of tragedy and revenge. Perhaps it's foolhardy of him to get involved at all, but really, someone has to try and keep these dwarves out of trouble. As for the rest, well, what is lost does not always stay lost forever.

It is still a WIP, but the author is posting daily updates and expects to finish in just a few more chapters. The author's tags, which I've removed here, contain content notes; please know that this story focuses on the aftermath of slavery.
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Things I accomplished today:
1) Finally found a funnel (at Bed Bath & Beyond, though it seemed to be their last one).
2) Called the gas company to regain access to my account.
3) Made this soup. It took longer than I would have liked but it's pretty tasty.
4) Completed the last phase of Secret Fermentation Project, also a lengthy process.

I've also updated the first lines meme with the next line of each song.
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I meant to include this in yesterday's post as another strange fandom-to-real life coincidence but forgot: An intrepid gardener in my neighborhood posted to our list about her night-blooming cereus mere days after Greensilver posted their delightful A Blossoming Romance (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, 8k), which features said flower.
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Last night I went to see Dessa and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I need to seek out more rap/hip-hop/R&B shows; in my limited experience they have an energy & showmanship that you don't get from most rock shows. (My limited experience: Black Cards, Patrick Stump, Bad Rabbits, Gym Class Heroes.)

In a weird fandom-is-everywhere twist, Dessa is a member of the hip hop collective Doomtree, which I had never heard of before reading RAP WON'T SAVE YOU (neither will hockey) by best liar a month or so ago. I know almost nothing about Zach Parise but I liked the story, in which he does not play hockey but is an indie rapper.

some Dessa songs )

One of the openers was playing their second-ever show and were both earnest and adorable. They don't have any music up yet and no one's posted video (I am very sad ;____;) but keep an ear out for Sylvan Esso. They reminded me of tUnE-yArDs a little. (ETA: Was poking around the internet, trying to find a track, and found someone who agrees with me about the tUnE-yArDs comparison! *fist pump of validation* They're just teasing about the SoundCloud tracks, though, there's nothing up yet.)
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During inventory we got a little bit punchy while scanning the paint. I was scanning Reaper paint by myself and J & S (owner and old warehouse manager) were scanning Games Workshop paint.

Reaper paint has fairly sensible names such as "Blues, Bright: Brilliant Blue" and "Greens, Camouflage: Swamp Green" but Games Workshop paint is named with an eye toward trademark, which leads to paint names like "Evil Suns Scarlet" and "Waaagh! Flesh."

J & S finished their paint rack and moved on to a clothing rack, where they were mystified by a Charlie Brown shirt with Charlie Brown, a tricycle, and the caption "It's a fixie."

So I explained why it was a hipster joke.

Which obviously led to Warhammer Fantasy hipster jokes.

"I was into rotting flesh before it was cool!"
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Tonight has been crazy! There's never enough time pre-road trip. I'm heading up to DC for Con.Txt tomorrow and it will be AMAZING. I saw Team DC at the Avengers premier & fun. show the first weekend of May but it feels like much longer. This is why teleportation would be the best mutant power.

brief fandom musings )

I mentioned a few posts ago that I have a vegetable garden this year. We have a tiny patch of sunny yard next to a very sunny but small patio and I'm taking advantage. I manage to get out there even when I'm having bad days so it's been A++ for my mental health. Sunshine makes me happier and I know it makes me happier but, historically, that hasn't been enough to get me outside. The garden is!

I had lettuce and onions this spring and right now my tomato and pepper (jalapeƱo and bell) plants are starting to produce. My carrots are mostly grown and I've already pulled a few. I planted pole beans a few weeks ago and they're about 8 inches tall, and the pumpkin seeds I planted last week have sprouted. I have a pretty long list for the rest of the year--radishes, rutabagas, spinach, bok choy, collards, broccoli, brussels sprouts, peas, kale, cucumbers, squash, and more carrots, onions, and lettuce. Hopefully I can get at least half of that in the ground! I'm planning to preserve as much as I can through freezing and canning.

garden picture spam )

I was going to make blueberry muffins tonight but I've run out of time. I'm just going to eat the blueberries tomorrow on my drive instead; they should make awesome snack food. And no crumbs!

(I get to see [personal profile] alpheratz tomorrow! And then a con! *flails*)
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I guess I'm back again? I just sort of...stopped reading on LJ or DW three or four weeks ago :/ I need to come up with a better way of dealing with downswings. The only way I could face up to backreading was by picking an arbitrary date to backread to, so I picked Monday.

I had an awesome time with Team DC at the end of April! We saw Avengers at midnight and I had shwarma the next day, which, \o/! Then there was the first fun. show of awesome, Cinco's delicious birthday brunch, and the second fun. show of awesome (with bonus unexpected line buddy).

Unfortunately, my state decided to suck shortly after I got back to NC, and then the internet decided to suck in response, which led to my self-imposed exile. Suffice to say I have a ton of feelings about the coverage of and reaction to Amendment 1 in NC and how that contrasts with Amendement 8 in California, and how that says a lot about the privileges and prejudices of the people covering and reacting to the votes and aftermath.

Other Things What I Have Done include:

  • Played an extra in a trailer for a local steampunk convention.

  • Seen five Hitchcock films, which is five more than I'd ever seen before. Vertigo, The Lady Vanishes, Rope, Spellbound, and Psycho. I'm catching Rebecca with my mother tonight.

  • Stressed over the many potential ways my garden can die! I've diagnosed my one tomato plant with a nitrogen deficiency and applied fertilizer to the problem. I'm incredibly relieved it's a deficiency because one of my housemate's tomato plants had blight. DNW!

  • Determined that said housemate is definitely moving out at the end of July.

  • Found a potential show buddy in the form of the DJ who goes on after me.

  • Fallen (more) into Avengers fandom, and also into hockey RPF and (oh god) Teen Wolf. IDEK.

  • Learned the HTML to make an unordered list.

Con.txt is coming up (YAY!) and the weekend after that is Heroes Con, which I will be attending because ♥BECKY CLOONAN♥ will be there.
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My first ever BP was the weekend before last! I met tons of awesome people, ate (and ate, and ate) delicious food, shook my fist at the weather, and was possibly persuaded back into bandom by the overpowering glee of MCR. Then I came back and fell into my typical post-con funk, but! I think I'm mostly over it now. Apparently the trick is shoving as many activities as possible into the week after I get back.

(Also, a coworker has lent me her Due South DVDs! I plan to watch the pilot tonight. I will finally understand you, C6D!)

My family's puppy is growing up fast, as they do. Here, have some pictures.

puppy! )

He is very bitey, and he isn't even teething yet. He passes the blanket test, though, and is generally too smart for his own good. Also he is named Gibson, because my father is a music dork.

I'm going to try to start reccing music we get at the station, and I'm starting tonight with Kishi Bashi. His debut album, 151a, releases tomorrow, and you can snag it at for $8.

Kishi Bashi )

Finally, here's my week in the life picture for today! It's not particularly exciting, as I forgot to take pictures at all for the purposes of the meme. I took this one because pretty much all I did today after 1PM was sort Magic: the Gathering cards. This is somewhere between 3 and 7 thousand Magic cards, sorted by set.

so. many. cards. )

and that's the end of today's giant catch-up entry!


Jan. 16th, 2012 10:03 pm
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OK SO. I have ALL THE FEELINGS right now, what better time to make my first post since before Christmas? NO BETTER.

1. I got a hair cut! It's the shortest it's ever been. I like it a lot better now than I did right after it made me miss my bus to the...

2. FANDOM PARTY! On Wednesday [personal profile] alpheratz invited me up to DC for her party, and I looked at Megabus fares and decided I could swing it. I'd been pretty blah since Black Friday & the start of crazytimes at work AND I hadn't seen anybody in DC since the Panic tour.

(Of course I then missed the bus & had to drive up. Pluses: singing out loud, staying later. Minuses: driving, gas. After some reflection I've decided the pluses win.)

And it was a great time, full of unicorn poo and singing and funny-not-scary pirates and Grant Morrison the selkie king and people I kind of love!

3. My Chem released a video for Kids from Yesterday and it is full of their faces! Best yet, they did it while I was with other fans & could watch it over and over and smile extra-wide!

4. SHERLOCK ::flails:: ::flails more::

I am not actually coherent about Sherlock right now, let me get back to you after I've watched this season again.

5. The future, for it is full of awesome! I will be in DC again two weekends from now and will get an [ profile] intrepidcat. Then on February 4th [personal profile] kinetikatrue, [personal profile] v_greyson, and [personal profile] cinco are visiting with [personal profile] spuffyduds and [personal profile] queue to see The Mountain Goats, and then fun. releases their album and goes on tour, then Bitchin' Party, then more fun. tour...basically, this spring=love.

movies I've watched recently: Tangled, Practical Magic, Pirates of Penzance


Mar. 5th, 2011 06:07 pm
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It has been a while since my last post and yet I still don't have a normal post to make. In lieu of that have a list of some things that have been happening.

* My birthday was a week ago today! I didn't post then because I was in a frenzy of baking and cookery. I made bread and a fruit tart, both firsts. The Joy of Cooking book is sneaky in that it teaches you how to make a custard without mentioning that it's a custard until the last line. I had finished it by that point and so there was no freaking out. I see what you did there, Joy of Cooking.

* I have been coveting All the Shoes. I want to get these boots but I think they would come up too high on my calf and rub at my knee. I bought a really cute pair of flats at ModCloth, though, and I think I'm going to DSW tomorrow to see what they have in the way of awesome pumps.

* A coyote ran in front of my car on the way home from work the other night. At least, I'm pretty sure it was a coyote--I'm going by the tail and general color because up until the tail I thought it was a deer. It was in a rural-edging-on-suburban area, but the dogs around there are really well trained and stay in their yards. (I wrote the next part of this and then realized I never actually said I didn't hit the coyote. Let the record state that I definitely did not.)

* I'm going to start doing support over the phone next week, and I get to record our "press 1 for yadayada, press 2 for &c" message. My awesome boss has suggested that we record the message in Klingon and Elvish, too. As none of us speak Klingon or Elvish we're probably going to advertise at Dragon*Con.
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Wow, everyone, summer is almost over and I've barely posted anything. I'll probably have to go look at a calender to figure out what I've even done this summer.

I've mostly been working, really. I average four days and just under 40 hours a week at my comic & games shop. I've learned entirely too much about Magic: The Gathering, read Becky Cloonan's new series Demo (check it out, she's amazing) and most of Ba's Daytripper, and started to understand why Gee Way lived at home for so long--40k is fucking expensive, my friends.

When I wasn't working, I went to an awesome Games Night up near DC (at which I played penis word bananagrams, met some great folks, and drank a lot), cat-sat [ profile] kirinn and [ profile] akiko's beautiful kitties for two weeks, mainlined Doctor Who, and went to the beach with my family.

I also went to three amazing shows this summer, twice to see Empires and once to see The Young Veins. The Empires shows were the best in my life, and when Tom Conrad posted a print of the second venue, I bought it immediately. At The Young Veins I had a [ profile] manipulant and a giant burrito full of real veggies.

Other things;
* Going to the beach with friends this weekend, should be a great time. (And I get a Becki!)
* Trying to get a grown up wardrobe, buying lots of dresses.
* Dragon*Con in less than a month, fuck yeah!
* Stars and Me First & the Gimme Gimmes are swinging by this fall, and I will totally go see them.


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