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Title: Welcome to Crescent Lake!
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Medium Watercolor & colored pencil

I created this for [personal profile] spikedluv's awesome story there's a ritual for that as part of [ profile] teenwolf_bb.

Welcome to Crescent Lake! )
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Teen Wolf Heat Wave: A Summer Prompt Fest | AO3 Collection
Banner by [profile] tealeaf523!

I made some stuff for this! The challenge includes both fic and art and posting continues through the end of the month. AO3 collection here.
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I made a thing! Thanks to [personal profile] monkey_pie for listening to it & assuring me that it did indeed work ♥

fucked up to broken up to back together in 11 songs

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt by We Are Scientists
Oh My God by Ida Maria
What I Say and What I Mean by The Like
Living Cruel & Rude by Races
No Oath, No Spell by Murder by Death
Hail, Lightning by Mount Moriah
When Winter's Over by Torres
Get Lonely by the Mountain Goats
Faraway Lightning by Moonface with Siinai
You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son by Wolf Parade
You Are the Moon by The Hush Sound

Further notes )
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All vids may contain canon-typical gore and violence. Season 2 spoilers ahead!

Am I not attractive to gay guys? by mitsucat2010
This is like Stiles Stilinski: Greatest Hits of Season One.

Young Blood by Heathyr Shea
This vid is supposed to be a tribute to the cinematography of Teen Wolf. I don't think it adds anything to the canon TW narrative but dear lord it's gorgeous.

Suddenly the Air is Cold by Loki
My notes on this are "sad angry scared lonely teenagers in over their heads: THE VID." The vidder's notes are much more coherent. I love the coloring, especially with Scott's storyline.

And then there's you by WeepingStarGazer
This is a great Derek/Stiles vid. It ends a little abruptly but I like the framing device. This is one of the "troubled with angsty backstory" takes on their relationship (that is, canon-accurate!).

welcome to the new age by ChemAttaction
An ensemble vid with amazing cuts. I have a giant ~thing for vids with a good bass line where the cuts match perfectly so this vid was basically tailor-made for me. Also 0:25-0:27 is GENIUS.

Animal by Zee
This one comes with additional warnings, so please read the notes. It focuses on Lydia's season 2 storyline and does a much better job of it than the actual writers, IMO.

Meaning by newkidfan
Ugh this is so so good. I highly recommend downloading it so that you can watch at a larger size. The entire vid is split screen, with Derek's POV on the left and Stiles' on the right. It's gorgeous, the song is perfect, the editing is great, you should go watch it now.


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