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Jan. 4th, 2017 09:44 pm
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Coachella lineup 2017 recs

Um, just assume everything is indie rock unless otherwise indicated, I guess?

Artists I like but am skipping because I figure y'all know them: Radiohead, Beyonce, Guided by Voices, Bon Iver, Lorde, New Order, Future Islands.

Father John Misty
Father John Misty is J. Tillman, the drummer from Fleet Foxes. I played songs from his debut album, Fear Fun, a somewhat embarrassing number of times my first year on the radio. I especially like Well, You Can Do It Without Me and Now I'm Learning to Love the War.

Crystal Castles
Honestly idk that much about this band, but I have their song Not In Love ft. Robert Smith from some random mix and I ADORE it.

The Head and the Heart
Their self-titled is great but I haven't kept up with them. Ghosts is a perpetual feature of my Halloween playlist.

Kinda ambivalent about Bastille, ngl. They have songs I love a lot (coughPompeiicough) and some where I'm all *shrug*. If you haven't heard them before, definitely check them out! Lots of people like them and you might, too.

Local Natives
I like their 2010 album Gorilla Manor, haven't kept up with them.

Kendrick Lamar
Hip Hop/Rap. Kendrick Lamar is so great. My favorite tracks off 2015's To Pimp a Butterfly are King Kunta, Alright, and Complexion.

Tove Lo
Pop. Tove Lo gets a ton of Top 40 play in my area, and I generally find myself jamming along.

Lee Fields & the Expressions
Funk/Soul. SO GOOD. Maybe start with Faithful Man or It's All Over (But the Crying) off 2012's Faithful Man?

Garage-Pop. Happy, relaxed music to chill out with.


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