Feb. 6th, 2015

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I have been working on making a second Hobbit reclist since last May /o\ This is not the One True Reclist because I gave up on that; instead, it's me shoving a bunch of stories in everyone's face with minimal commentary and organization. Sorry, y'all, it was the only way I was ever going to post this, and I really wanted to post this.

Before we start, here is part 1 and here is me flailing over my favorite story in the fandom right now from last year, but also possibly ever, at Best Thing Ever. I cannot recommend To Find Our Long Forgotten Gold by Wealhtheow21 enough, y'all. They're currently working on a sequel set in the Shire and there are even! more! feelings!!!! There are several sequels now, though only one is complete. The series is available here.

(I tried not to rec it again and I couldn't stop myself or bring myself to edit it out. I am probably overhyping it now but I do not even care.)

I had a specific request (hi [profile] maralenenok!) for Everybody Lives/Nobody Dies aka BotFA Fix-It fic, so this rec list will mostly be that. (Also it is my favorite type of Hobbit fic.) (Also I should warn you now that I mostly read Bilbo/Thorin AND the fandom mostly writes Bilbo/Thorin, so that is mostly what I will be recommending.)

BotFA Fix-It )

Modern AU )

And everything else is going in Other )


corbae: A close-up of raven feathers; blue and grey and purple and black. (Default)

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