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[personal profile] cinco suggested this panel and we both had SO MUCH FUN putting it together. Thank you to [personal profile] bironic for helping with subtitles, all of the vidders, and everyone who attended & patiently dealt with our technical issues.

Here's the list of vids we showed, including the few we had to skip due to time constraints:

Starships by bironic (Multifandom)
Dynamite by elipie (Brooklyn 99)
Just a Girl by odessie (Doctor Who)
Do My Thing by such heights (Bend It Like Beckham)
Trouble by bironic (Interview With the Vampire)
Tik Tik Tok Tok by lilly_the_kid (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
Rolling in the Deep by arefadedaway (X-Men movies)
Wait For It by Rhaegal (Star Trek: TOS and Reboot)
Space Oddity by cappy and sisabet (Community)
Papa Don't Preach by greensilver and eunice (Torchwood and Doctor Who)
Whatta Man by sisabet (Pride & Prejudice)
Thriftshop by bradcpu (Multifandom)
Call Me Maybe by such heights (MCU)
I Think We're Alone Now by sweetestdrain (2001: A Space Odyssey)
We Didn't Start the Fire by fiercynn and scribe (Multifandom)


Shut Up and Dance by mstabularasa (Multifandom)
Shake It Off by trelkez (Slings and Arrows)
I'll Be There for You by Dualbunny (Black Books)
Goody Two Shoes by Laura Shapiro and Pipsqueaky (due South)
Help! by purplefringe (Sleepy Hollow)
Moves Like Jagger by Di (Pacific Rim)
Bad Blood by milly (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Problem by talitha78, remaster by kuwdora (Captain Amerca movies)
Na Na Na by violace (Mad Max: Fury Road)
Light Em Up by chaila (Luther)
Grenade by fiercynn and scribe (Multifandom)
Stayin' Alive by pollyrepeat (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
Under Pressure by violace (The Martian)
Poker Face by talitha78, remaster by kuwdora (Star Trek Reboot)
Snakes on a Plane by Dualbunny (Harry Potter)

You can download all of the subs we created here (Mediafire). To use them, make sure they're in the same folder as the vid file and that the file names match (e.g., bironic-Starships.mp4 and

Date: 2016-08-05 03:03 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] cinco
Thank you for posting this, bb! <333

I just wanted to second--this was an absolute blast to put together and a joy to experience live in a room full of fanpeople. I love everyone in this bar, etc., especially my co-mod (who went way beyond the call of duty in subtitling and sourcing vids, learning the ins and outs of VLC, and keeping us to a schedule--you're the best, C!).

Also, as a note on the Explaining Fannish Experiences to Muggles panel--learning to subtitle is a pretty easy line to add to your resume! Corbae taught me over VLC in about 20 minutes, and I'd be happy to teach others that way. Email me at if you'd like a lesson!


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