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Hello, dear Yulewriter!

Thank you for writing for me! I can’t wait to read the story you come up with. If you already have an idea for one of these fandoms, go for it! However, if you'd like a prompt then I hope this post helps.

My online presence is pretty locked down, but you can see my public bookmarks on my Pinboard or my Ao3.

General Likes
I read across all ratings and genres. My top 5 tropes in the Ultimate Fanfic Trope Showdown were found families, soulmate marks, arranged marriage, sex pollen, and hurt/comfort; take from that what you will. I also love magic based on symbolism, urban fantasy, fairy tales, characters with prickly outsides and marshmallow insides, and characters who are passionate about something, be it baking, music, or saving the world. I have a particular weakness for stories that hurt; I unabashedly love worms!fic ("go into the garden and eat worms"), where the POV character feels isolated and alone and unappreciated but eventually realizes that they're loved. I am a big fan of Belligerent Sexual Tension (warning! link goes to TV Tropes). I generally prefer happy or ambiguous endings to unhappy ones.

General Dislikes
I don't really care for gore in horror but suspense is A-OK. I would strongly prefer your story not contain rape/non-consent, major character death, watersports, scat, or bloodplay. I also have a mild-to-moderate embarrassment squick, which can be best described by the motts. Finally, and this is sort of obscure, I have a ~thing about torture of or permanent harm to hands, and would appreciate it if you avoided going into any detail if your story includes anything like that.

Here's a bit more about my requests, in no particular order.

Sunshine - Robin McKinley
Characters: Rae "Sunshine" Seddon

Sign-Up Summary: I'd love to read absolutely anything about Sunshine exploring her magic: learning from her grandmother when she was a child, talking things through with Aimil or Yolande, experimenting with magic and baking, investigating her father's side of the family & their heritage, confrontations she has with her mother over magic, or anything else you come up with! I'd also enjoy the chance to see her devise new recipes, any further encounters she has with the SOF, or how she navigates her relationships with Mel and/or Con--basically, whatever you'd most like to write, I'm sure I'll love reading!

Further Notes: Sunshine is about vampires and baking and I wish for a more every time I read it, so anything you choose to write will be very welcome! I have no preference with regard to Sunshine/Mel or Sunshine/Con or Sunshine/Mel/Con or entirely gen fic. Something that focussed on Aimil and Sunshine’s friendship would be great, too. One of the things I love about the story is that Sunshine begins the story feeling somewhat isolated, and that her relationship with Con both provides a new, strong bond and isolates her further; it could be interesting to explore that in a story.

Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
Characters: Peter Grant

Sign-Up Summary: I can't decide if I like the world building or the detective fiction aspects of these books more! Peter is a wonderful character, and I particularly like his unending inquisitiveness toward the magical world he's now a part of. I'd love to see more of his scientific approach to magic, relationships with Nightingale or his other colleagues, a case fic, or anything else featuring Peter.

Further Notes: I've only recently started reading RoL fanfiction, but it's all been delightful thus far. I liked all of the canon pairings with Peter and am a big fan of Peter/Nightingale in fic. Gen is always much appreciated, too. I love the rich world that Aaronovitch has created, and how it's so deeply rooted in both historic and present-day London.

Lament - Mount Moriah (Song)
Characters: Any Character

Sign-Up Summary: Sometimes I just want to read stories about broken relationships. If the relationship is fixed through lots of tears and hard work and communication, that's cool. If it's never fixed and you're left with that ache in your heart, that's cool too. This song is near and dear to my heart and I'd love to read anything it inspired you to write.

Further Notes: I love this song so, so much. My favorite lines are “A mouthful of bees / couldn't stop me / from whispering, / 'I don't know you.’ / But if scars could sing / about the permanent things, / they’d say 'it’s damaged, / but it was something.’" What was this relationship like when they were happy (if they ever were)? How did it start? What was the beginning of the end? Anything you’d like to write based on this song would be lovely.

Here is the (narratively unrelated but fun!) video:

Thank you again for your story! As always, optional details are optional. I truly love all of these canons and the characters I nominated and can’t wait to see what you come up with, whether or not it’s based on one of my prompts.
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