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Dear Yuletide Author

Hello, dear Yulewriter!

Thank you for offering one of these fandoms! I can’t wait to read the story you come up with. This post has my general likes & dislikes, my signup requests, and some additional information & prompts for each fandom. I hope it's useful!

I am corbae everywhere—LJ, DW, Ao3, Pinboard, Tumblr, Twitter, and Imzy. You can see my public bookmarks on my Pinboard or my Ao3.

General Likes

My top 5 tropes in the Ultimate Fanfic Trope Showdown were found families, soulmate marks, arranged marriage, sex pollen, and hurt/comfort; take from that what you will.

I have a particular weakness for stories that ache. I unabashedly love worms!fic ("go into the garden and eat worms"), where the POV character feels isolated and alone and unappreciated but eventually realizes that they're loved—IMO it pairs especially well with found families and h/c.

Some other things I love are:
  • Urban fantasy and fairy tales, especially with symbolic magic

  • Characters with prickly outsides and marshmallow insides

  • Belligerent Sexual Tension (link goes to TVTropes)

  • Enemies to lovers

  • Loyalty kink

I read across all ratings and genres. I generally prefer happy or ambiguous endings to unhappy ones.

General Dislikes

Please no rape/non-consent (with an exception for AftG, please see detailed info below), major character death, watersports, scat, or underage.

I have a mild-to-moderate embarrassment squick, which can be best described by the motts. As an example, I always cringe at the scene in romcoms where there's a big, public declaration of love.

Finally, and this is sort of obscure, I have a ~thing about torture of or permanent harm to hands, and would appreciate it if you avoided going into any detail if your story includes something like that.

Here's a bit more about my requests, in no particular order:

Lament – Mount Moriah (Song), any character

This is a short little song about the inevitable failure of a relationship and the desire to burn up bright rather than sputtering quietly out. I love the ache and the imagery. My favorite lines are “A mouthful of bees / couldn't stop me / from whispering, / 'I don't know you.’ / But if scars could sing / about the permanent things, / they’d say 'it’s damaged, / but it was something.’"

What was this relationship like when they were happy (if they ever were)? How did it start? What was the beginning of the end? Can it be fixed through tears and hard work and communication? Anything you’d like to write based on this song would be lovely!

Finally, while the song itself is about a relationship between two women, I am open to f/f, m/f, or m/m for this request.

Sometimes I just want to read stories about broken relationships. This song is near and dear to my heart, as is this band! At the live shows I've attended this song becomes a sing-along dance party, which is a really cool dichotomy. I don't have much to add to my request, but will say that you're welcome to do any genre or setting that strikes your fancy. Pirates! Aliens! Baristas! Aliens who are posing as baristas while they pull off the heist of the century, and also have just had a messy breakup!

Find the Canon
This 2:33 song is from Mount Moriah's self-titled album. The (narratively unrelated but fun!) video is embedded above and on YouTube here and the lyrics are available on Genius here.

Art by Erin Kelso from her Tumblr.

Sunshine – Robin McKinley, Rae "Sunshine" Seddon

I'd love to read absolutely anything about Sunshine exploring her magic: learning from her grandmother when she was a child, talking things through with Aimil or Yolande, experimenting with magic and baking, investigating her father's side of the family & their heritage, or anything else you come up with!

I'd also enjoy the chance to see her devise new recipes, any further encounters she has with the SOF, or how she navigates her relationships with Mel and/or Con—basically, whatever you'd most like to write, I'm sure I'll love reading!

Sunshine is about vampires and baking and I wish for more every time I read it, so anything you choose to write will be very welcome!

I love the magic system McKinley created for this book in all of its undefined glory. Does Sunshine work with Aimil and/or Yolande to figure out more about how her magic works? Would she want to experiment with magic in the kitchen? In the book she wishes she knew more about her magical heritage. Does she seek that out? How does it go?

One of the things that appeals to me in the book is that Sunshine feels somewhat isolated and then her relationship with Con both provides a new, strong bond and isolates her further; it could be interesting to explore that either as a missing scene or post-canon.

I have no preference with regard to Sunshine/Mel or Sunshine/Con or Sunshine/Mel/Con or entirely gen fic. Something that focused on Aimil and Sunshine’s friendship would be great, too.

Find the Canon
Sunshine is ~400 pages in mass market paperback. It's available as an eBook, paperback, or audiobook. Find it at a library near you or on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Powell's.

Art by Victoria from her Tumblr.

All for the Game – Nora Sakavic, Neil Josten and Andrew Minyard

I have an infinite number of feelings about this series. I love all of the H/C, found family, and loyalty kink, as well as the way the characters are determined to keep going despite everything that they've gone through.

As far as prompts go, I think it would be cool to explore Neil & Andrew's future together. What's a day in their life like? Do they have future problems with the Moriyamas? What about with the press or their fans? How do they navigate each other's boundaries? How do Neil and Andrew handle it when Andrew graduates?

Or what about an outsider POV of events from the book or afterward? Or some sort of "turn left" scenario, where a character's choice totally changes the course of the books?

I would also love a soulmates/soulbonding or any kind of urban fantasy or magic AU for this one.

I am down with anything from super porny fic to gen character studies, and also cool with Neil/Andrew/Kevin, but please no endgame pairing that doesn't feature Neil & Andrew.

Ways I have described this series to friends include "like the Raven Cycle, but if everyone was more broken," "like a sports anime with the mob," and "all the found family and feelings you could ever want!" Applicable Ao3 warnings include rape, underage, and graphic violence, and many of the characters have a history of abuse. I consider Nora's Tumblr posts to be interesting but totally optional canon.

This canon is great for found family, identity porn, loyalty kink, and enemies to lovers.

This one gets an exception from the rape/noncon DNW because of canon events, but please don't make rape the focus of your story.

Some more prompt ideas:
  • Neil has a lot of experience running, but can he adult?

  • Neil and Aaron agree about something regarding Andrew. What is it?

  • Neil and Andrew and ink, whether fleeting or permanent

Find the Canon
All for the Game is a 3-book series (The Foxhole Court, The Raven King, The King's Men). Each book is ~300-400 pages. The first book is available as a free eBook (Amazon | Barnes & Noble) and the other two are available as eBooks for $1 each. You can also purchase them in paperback or try to find them at your local library.

Thank you again for your story! As always, optional details are optional. I truly love all of these canons and the characters I nominated and can’t wait to see what you come up with, whether or not it’s based on one of my prompts.